Payments for City of Selmer Police Department generated citations are payable to the City of Selmer Police Department either by certified check, money order, or credit/debit card. 




Chief of Police: Kim Holley

Assistant Chief: Roger Rickman (RETIRED)

 Investigators: Nathan Harrison  and Matt Rickman

Patrol Lieutenant: Ron Pilkington

Patrol Lieutenant: Ted Roberts

Sergeant: Tony Westbrooks

Patrol Division:

Robert Heathcock, Josh Gilbert

BV Cathey, Mary Haines, 

Nick Inman,  Kaleb Sanders,

Alli Pettit, Kayla Short,

Josh Lauton, Troy Aiken, Tommy Howell,

John Sims, and Jeremy Smith.

Office Staff:

Lisa Blankenship and Holly Rickman

City Court is held on the first Tuesday of every month. We only hear and process City of Selmer Citations. If you have received a citation from “photo enforcement”, you must follow the instructions on that document. WE DO NOT ACCEPT photo enforcement payment at our office. 

Pay Online at: